Ellie’s Christmas Letter

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Dear friends:

For those of you who follow along, you’ll know that I, Ellie Bellie Banana, run Kate’s world. She has been begging me to write this letter since Thanksgiving, but as an enthusiastic 10-year-old (1.5 in human years) I am far too busy to sit still to write a note. She did finally bribe me into this with a brand-new tennis ball. So I am dictating this with ‘THE BALL’ in my mouth while bouncing like the pure, unadulterated ray of sunshine that I am.

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It has been a busy year. I’ve chased many balls and hiked many trails and I’ve vomited on the couch three or four times. (When you come over, watch where you sit.) But in order to properly catalog the events of the year, I suppose I should start at the beginning.

  1. Mom moved from Iowa to Denver to Arkansas. It all happened pretty fast. I spent so much time in the back seat of the car I chewed the seat belt in half, but most of the time when Mom stopped to get junk food someone gave me a piece of bacon or a french fry because I am apparently “sooooooo cute.”
  2. When we moved to Arkansas, I got a new yard. I’m not sure it is related because I am a dog, but dogs in Arkansas take way less baths than dogs in Iowa.
  3. I got a sister. Her name is Maggie. Apparently, she was Mom’s ‘first baby’. Maggie isn’t so bad, even if she scares the neighbors. She taught me how to get into the trash and where to find the best cat poop to eat. But she smells funny and is pretty lazy, but she talks back to Mom in a way I could never get by with…so I think I’ll keep her around.
  4. Speaking of cat poop, mom is THE neighborhood cat lady. Apparently when you turn 30 and buy a home as a single woman, the house just comes with a cat lady starter pack. Mom pretends not to like them, she calls them Lucifer 1-3. But when no one is looking, she slips them warm milk. Every. Single. Night. She is a softy. Don’t let her fool you
  5. Mom can’t keep a boyfriend, but I have one. His name is Major. He is all muscly and slobbery and he loves to play tug-of-war with me. He also peed on Mom’s couch, which is what really sealed the deal. It was love at first furniture destruction.
  6. Mom and my Uncles are now ranching. They have a bunch of big black dogs (cows) that require them to spend all their Saturday’s running around the world’s largest playground. Major and I like to spend the whole day running in the field, so we miss out on what they are doing for the most part, but I think it has to do with fences to keep the mean dogs in mostly.

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Well that about sums up our whole year. I think this year can best be described as ‘running wild’ from start to finish. We have put some miles across the country from the mountains of Montana to the swamps of DC, from the beaches of south Texas to the snow-covered plains of South Dakota, and from the volcanoes of Guatemala to the vineyards of France. We have played on mountains and in rivers and in mudpuddles. We have jumped on the bed and snuggled on the couch and we are candidates for the naughty and the nice list in equal fashion. We have laughed and cried and loved and been broken-hearted. But at the end of 2018, we can look back at the days and the weeks that created this year and see that there was joy and love and living packed into every single second.

2019 has some exciting adventures in store: Ireland and Scotland and Egypt to start and remodeling the house and chasing Brangus-Limi cows all over the Nunley metroplex. Maggie hopes to steal more bread and work on getting second dinners, Ellie hopes to play tug of war and snuggle more. But most of all 2019 we intend on continuing to run wild and barefoot and free.

If you find yourself in southern Arkansas, come by! If you find yourself in need of a friend, we hope you call. We hope that 2019 we can love you and celebrate life with you.

With all our love and even more hair: Ellie, Maggie, Kate and Lucifer 1-3

View More: http://gabbywigleyphotography.pass.us/kate-miller

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