11223698_10206289555730936_5616742593123841530_n (1)I am Kate.

Arkansas native and recent Texas transplant, I started (another) blog to help the people in my life keep up with my adventures on yet another social media platform.

The title of said blog is “The Meat Lady” since I sell meat as a profession. It is truly the thing I love most about my life. Since I was a child, I did not know what I wanted to do, only that it would involve agriculture and beef cattle. I judged livestock in college, a hobby that afforded me the luxury of seeing a good deal of middle America from the front seat (Connors) and back seat (Oklahoma State) of a 10 passenger van. At the time, I didn’t realize the meaning of what I was involved in–but looking back I see all the wonderful things in my life can be directly attributed to participation in that activity. I will truly be forever thankful for the people who invested time and so very much patience in me through those years.

I have always been a linguist. I enjoy the study of language. I love nothing more than to string a series of words together and my thoughts have always sounded better coming from my pen than from my mouth. I hate talking on the phone. This blog solves both problems. I can write until my heart is content and send people who want an update on my life to the blog.

I will add a disclaimer that I don’t tend to sugar coat life. My grandmother tried her best to raise a gentle southern lady, but every time I open my mouth that goes to hell in a hand basket. I apologize in advance for offending you.

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